About system

Topical questions and answers

1. Alpha-control, what is it?

Alpha-control is a system of effective self-regulation and the development of extraordinary powers and supernatural abilities of a man, the consciousness development.
Alpha-control system consists of 4 levels: health promotion; stress management; extraordinary powers development and the evolution of consciousness.
This system contains special methods and techniques for conscious regulation of human condition on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

2. The history of the system.

Alfa-control creation began in the 90s. The system was introduced for the first time at 1997 during the Scientific and practical conference named “Social and psychological aspects of national security” in Kiev (Ukraine). Denis Bogush, an author of the Alpha-control, had presented it. Initially, it was created exclusively for the soldiers of special forces and operators in extreme and unusual conditions. In 2011, it was decided to make it public for everyone who are interested in self-development, as well as for practicing dilative body and mind possibilities people.

3. Why named “Alpha-control”?

Alpha-control – the name is based on the basic psycho-energetic state of the system -“the alpha-plane concentration”. “Alpha” is a vertical plane, which is very important for the life and equilibrium maintenance of humans and animals. The planar approach to the perception of the world is dominant in the system. Therefore, the emphasis in all techniques of the system is on exercises with alpha planes. More advanced levels occur also using “beta” and “gamma” planes of the human body.

4. What does the system consist of? What methods and techniques are used?

Alpha-control system consists of 4 levels: health promotion; stress management; extraordinary powers development and the evolution of consciousness.
There are eight student’s levels of Alpha-control system and ten master’s. For the full familiarization of the system to master’s level a few years are needed, for the development of basic techniques a few lessons will be enough. Even after a few lessons an ordinary man will be able to apply the Alpha-control technology like an elite soldier of Special Forces.
There are two parts at the Alpha-control system: theoretical and practical. There are techniques for working with the body, mind and consciousness for healing and self-improvement, as well as for use in extreme and combat conditions.
We can list some of the basic techniques and exercises: “Alpha-concentration”, “Warm-1″, “Carb”, “Anticold”, “Antifear”, “Rest-17″, “Royal massage”, “Snake ring”,”Needle-lightning”, “Antipain”, “Tibetan massage”, “Hyper hearing ”, “Hyper smelling”, ” Ravine plane”, “Six levels of destruction”, “Maze plane”, “Battle-plane”, exercises on concentration – deconcentration of attention with matches, cups, balls and others.

5. Where have this techniques been tested in practice?

Many methods have been tested in extreme situations (Kara-Kum Desert, Tien Shan Mountains, Pamir Mountains, Caucasus Mountains, and others). As a result of research the effective versions of ancient techniques (from the eastern and western martial and health systems) were adapted in order to take advantages for the modern human.
Scientific research of some Alpha-control system methods were carried out at the Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology in National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev Medical Institute, Centre of Su-Jok Acupuncture and others. The articles were published in scientific journals and monographs. The system is constantly modifying and improving today.

6. What is the effect of training for health and consciousness?

Talking about the practical classes in the hall, even at the workout stage you can feel the bracing effect on the body and mind. The joints are worked out, tendons are stretched, muscles are strengthened, static and dynamic stress-relaxation are developed, muscle blocks are removed etc.
In theoretical studies the understanding of the health body scales, positive and negative thinking, an energy saving opportunities and a set of energy for humans are given. Another important part of the system is the ability to feel and go into psycho-energetic and psycho-emotional states for development and self-improvement.

7. Can we practice at home?

You can practice anywhere. For some exercises you just need to stand or sit in one place, for more complex exercises you will need more space. Most of the physical and mental exercises must be done independently. General classes are needed to obtain the information, correct understanding of the exercises and passing exams for going to the next level.

8. Where can I learn and train regularly?

Classes are held at the Center of Oriental culture in Kyiv MICHI. In the future the changes and expanding the number of training places are possible.

9. At what age can we start? What do adults and children achieve?

Basic exercises can be started doing at the age of 5. With any age is possible to join the classes and receive health benefits. If a decision is made about the serious inclusion into the Alpha-control system, with the desire to master’s degree, it is a matter of several years of training and good physical and mental shape.

10. What achievements can we expect and at what stage?

In order to master the next level the previous one is needed to be learnt and consolidated. For example, to control the level of stress management is necessary to master the principles of health and first level exercises, also transform the body.
And only after significantly enhancing of capabilities of hereditary, respiratory, nutritional and protective factors on human health (the passage of the first level), we can talk about stressful practices.
Accordingly, the higher levels of the system are assuming adequate protection from stresses, stable sober thinking in different states of consciousness, which will be unusual to others.
Therefore, it is a question of achieving extraordinary powers and supernatural abilities.

11. Is this system wellness or combat?

Most of the techniques have a health focus, but systematic and enduring training has a combat unit as well. Much attention is also paid to the rehabilitation and reconstruction after damaging influences in the martial arts, after the attacks, throws, chokes.
But the main focus of the system is not on the health or combat aspect, but on the ability of self-improvement and development.

12. Men and women are equally able to exercise?

Yes, of course, it will be useful for men, women and even children.

13. What do I need for training?

Firstly, desire. Secondly, free sportswear and maybe a mat for exercises on the floor. Third, persistence in the development of techniques, as it is a long process of development, and it can last for a long time.