Alpha control, November 29, 10.00-12.30, Michi Health Center Strenght-consciousness way of development of body and spirit in the Alpha control system


This activity is part of a theoretical practice.
Intensive study of health factors, methods, set power strength and techniques of working with consciousness.

Participants will learn techniques: ring snake antiholod, rest-17 alpha concentration, centering, complex “The Power”, a point from one hundred diseases and others.
As a result of the passage of classes Alfa-control participants will be able to learn to control their emotions (alpha concentration), warm in extremely cold conditions (antiholod). And learn to relax for 20-40 minutes after waking several days without sleep (rest-17). It will be shown at the point of impact of a hundred diseases (Tsu-san-li, E36). Also, participants will be able to start developing the Alpha control system at home with the possibilities of the body and spirit using these methods.
Mandatory entry tel .: 044-596-28-06, 067-327-94-40