Following the results of the activity “Alpha-contol” April 26, 2015


The theoretical part of the session was devoted to the extraordinary powers of man.

1. We determinated concept of “advanced human” and “Siddhi”. The empowerment – expanding ranges of smell (up to many-distances), hearing – expansion of perception layer spaces (room, building, street, distant highway), as well as vision and movement capabilities.

2. The perception of reality the average person is limited to 1% of the features, the expansion (with insistence and work) is possible up to 2%. In this case, the possibility is increased several times.

3. Write the ancient technique of working with dreams “SNYVO” (levels – a blind horse, a horse with a cart, free horse, conscious horse horse horse herd over, etc.)

4. The practical part including traditional Alfa workout and exercise first level “Centering”, “Alive”, “Carb” and “Xph.”

5. learn a new kind of breathing exercise “Prodyshka spas.”

The next session will be traditionally on Sunday May 24 at the Center for Michie.
Subject: The development of consciousness (basic alpha state control, altered states of consciousness, meditation techniques)