April 28 seminar of Alpha Control in Kiev

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April 28, 2013 at the Center of Oriental culture “Michi” –
eight-hour seminar will be held at the Alpha control.
The seminar will be presented technology:

Anticold, Antifear, Antipain, needle-lightning, Tibetan massage, Royal massage, Rest-17, improved vision, hearing, smell, warm Alpha control (Level 1), triangles and other breathing.
Alpha-beta-gamma plane of the planar body and the card state of consciousness and many other techniques. As well as the principles of health promotion, resistance to stress and development of extraordinary powers.
The system will be interesting to all, men and women, even children, although initially this system was designed for special forces and extreme situations.

Contact for registration
Str. Dragomirova, and 16, metro station “Friendship of Peoples”
tel. (044) 596-28-06, 596-28-07